Educational Philosophy

Yeshiva Academy is founded on the principles of Chabad philosophy, which is a way of life that integrates the love of G‑d, intellectual knowledge and understanding of the Torah, and the appreciation of the uniqueness of every individual of the community.

Our administration and staff implement this philosophy in all areas of Judaic and General Studies while fostering a supportive environment for all our students.

Holistic growth in academic, spiritual, moral and social/emotions domains

Rigorous academics are pursued with a recognition that our students possess a variety of learning styles and abilities.

Students are taught to apply academic lessons from their practical settings to their daily lives.

Respect for each individual unique identity and talents forms the core of enhancing our students’ sense of self.

Ethics and moral values are explicitly taught, modeled, and practiced throughout the daily life of school.

Yeshiva teachers help our students realize that the Judaic and Secular worlds are interconnected.

Faculty strives to inspire and motivate each child to enjoy learning and a accept challenges while stimulating critical thought processes. 

By empowering the head, heart, and soul, a Yeshiva education provides our students with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful and to become members of contemporary society.